AI Innovators Join Forces in Consortium for Development and Commercialization of Best-in-Class AI Computing Platform

Crossbar, Gyrfalcon, mtes Neural Networks and Robosensing merge
hardware, software and memory IP for Edge-Based Self Learning and Event

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Crossbar Inc., Gyrfalcon Technology Inc., mtes Neural Networks
Corporation (mNN) and Robosensing Inc. today announced an AI consortium
that will deliver a vastly accelerated, power-saving AI platform and
standard that enables new AI-rich capability for edge computing,
gateways, cloud and data centers.

The new group, called SCAiLE (SCalable AI for Learning at the Edge), is
already working with Japanese authorities to review opportunities for
the 2020 Olympics, including video-based event detection and response

The organization will combine advanced acceleration hardware, resistive
memory (ReRAM), optimized neural networks to create ready-made,
power-efficient solutions with unsupervised learning and event
recognition capability.

The consortium addresses the restrictions of traditional AI
methodologies that depend on classification of data. The huge growth of
IoT systems including thousands of remote edge devices such as
sensor-equipped cameras creates a torrent of unstructured information in
multiple forms that pours into cloud-located servers and that cannot be
handled effectively by classification alone.

In contrast, SCAiLE will provide for the first time fast, scalable, and
power-saving accelerators that use optimized neural networks at the edge
to quickly analyze and respond to multi-modal information (including
video, images, speech, keywords and sensor feeds). The platform will
enable distributed AI applications rather than a centralized cloud
system with high latency.

The accelerators will rely heavily on new AI accelerator architectures
developed by Gyrfalcon; Crossbar’s massive search across multi-modal
datasets based on high bandwidth ReRAM memory; mtes Neural Networks edge
and IoT device technology; and Robosensing’s integration of neural
network training and optimization. The organization will ensure
technical interoperability and quick integration of advanced
technologies from SCAiLE members.

This is a unique opportunity to apply the benefits of ReRAM’s low power
and advanced performance advantages, coupled with deep neural network
algorithms, to accelerate machine learning and create new exciting
applications in AI,” said George Minassian, CEO of Crossbar. “We have
been working closely with Gyrfalcon Technology Inc., mtes Neural
Networks Corporation and Robosensing, and expect rapid progress in
designing the platform.”

It’s a clear sign that a technology has reached its stride when
customers call for inter-operability,” said Jim Handy, an industry
analyst at Objective Analysis. “These companies are clearly blazing a
trail for others to follow as more and more systems adopt remote
processing and AI to filter data so that data centers won’t be
overloaded with data from the edge.”

Combining the high performance with the low power of GTI’s neural net
accelerator with the advantages of ReRAM technology from Crossbar, along
with the advanced algorithms from Robosensing and mtes Neural Networks
will greatly accelerate the adoption of AI at the edge,” said CEO Kimble
Dong from GTI. “The results of our collaboration will simplify the
development process for new products and provide a unique ability to
self-learn at the edge.”

The large volume of new kinds of information cannot be handled by mere
classification,” said Matt Kobayashi, CEO of Robosensing Inc. “We need
new ways of handling unstructured data at the edge, and the planned
SCAiLE platform can help us get rid of the ‘tyranny of data
classification’ through power-saving self-learning devices that use
clustering to detect and interpret events.”

Robosensing is looking forward to being part of SCAiLE to help lead the
integration for the next generation of AI learning events. We are
positive that this innovative technology will be the next chapter in AI,
Learning at the EDGE, and IoT to enable learning for
all types of applications.”

We continue to see a large opportunity for edge-based safety and
security devices equipped with event recognition for smart cities,” said
Mr. Takaro Harada, CEO of mtes Neural Networks. “SCAiLE offers mNN the
ability to create high-performance power-saving capability that can be
incorporated into our on-site equipment for both urban and remote areas.”

About SCAiLE,

SCAiLE is a consortium of leading AI technology providers developing
hardware and software solutions for edge and cloud applications. The
objective of the consortium is to facilitate the integration of AI-rich
capabilities to a variety of devices. The SCAiLE platform and standard
will enable edge-based accelerated learning, deep analysis and massive
search across multi-modal datasets including video, images, speech,
keywords and sensor feeds.

About Crossbar, Inc.

Crossbar is the leader in ReRAM technology, enabling kilobytes to
terabytes of always-on data storage to be embedded into any processor,
microcontroller, FPGA or as a standalone memory chip. Crossbar ReRAM
lets designers rethink the compute/storage paradigm, free from the
constraints of traditional flash and DRAM memories. From “persistent
memory” that brings data closer to CPU to “cognitive memory” that
enables in-memory computing without a host CPU, ReRAM is ushering in a
new era of data storage and processing for both edge and cloud computing.

About Gyrfalcon Technologies Inc.

Gyrfalcon Technology Inc. (GTI) is the world’s leading developer of
high-performance, low-power and low-cost Artificial Intelligence (AI)
accelerators, founded in 2017 by veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneurs
and Artificial Intelligence scientists.

About mtes Neural Networks

mtes Neural Networks Co., Ltd. develops Internet of things (IoT)
platforms for businesses to monitor energy health, human health, and
structural health. It also provides gateway and sensor node solutions.

About Robosensing Inc.

Robosensing Inc. is a leader in AI optimization and integration, with
expertise in unsupervised machine learning and training, multimodal
analytics, and advanced AI computing architectures for edge and cloud


Crossbar Media Contact:
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Gyrfalcon Media Contact:
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mNN and Robosensing Media Contact
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LLC. Tom Breunig, +1 510-847-1637

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