University of Minnesota First in U.S. to Offer New Targeted Therapy for Recurrent Brain Tumors

GT MedTech’s Innovative GammaTile Therapy
Is Shown to Slow Brain Tumor Progression, Designed to Improve Patient
and Caregiver Quality of Life

MINNEAPOLIS & TEMPE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–University of Minnesota Health (M Health) is the first health system in
the United States to begin offering GammaTile Therapy™, a new approach
to treating recurrent brain tumors. GammaTile Therapy is an FDA-cleared,
surgically targeted radiation therapy (STaRT™) that is designed to delay
tumor regrowth for patients with brain tumors. The first patient was
treated by University of Minnesota Physician, Clark C. Chen, M.D.,
Ph.D., head of the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of
Minnesota Medical School.

“At University of Minnesota Health, our mission is to advance new, safe,
and effective therapeutic options for the many brain tumor patients who
did not respond to the standard-of-care therapies,” Chen said.
“Moreover, the University of Minnesota Medical School’s Department of
Neurosurgery has a long-standing history of contribution in
radio-biologics. To be the first institution in the U.S. to offer the
GammaTile Therapy is particularly satisfying in this context.”

Aggressive brain tumors tend to be resistant to current treatments and
nearly always recur. Outcomes for patients with brain tumors have
improved very little over the past 30 years. GammaTile is FDA-cleared
for patients with recurrent brain tumors. GammaTile consists of a
bioresorbable, conformable 3D-collagen tile embedded with a Cesium
radiation source. GammaTile is placed at the time of surgery so that it
immediately begins to target residual tumor cells with radiation while
limiting the impact on healthy brain tissue.

“I am optimistic that GammaTile will impact the clinical outcome for our
brain tumor patients, particularly when combined with appropriate
medical therapy,” explained Chen.

GammaTile Therapy offers some advantages over other treatments for
patients undergoing surgery for recurrent brain tumors. A course of
External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT), for example, requires daily
treatments for up to six weeks; in contrast, patients treated with
GammaTile Therapy require no additional trips to the hospital or clinic.
Additionally, many patients may not be candidates for EBRT at the time
of tumor recurrence because the risk of additional EBRT outweighs the
potential benefits. Finally, those patients who may be candidates for
EBRT typically have to wait four weeks or more for surgical wound
healing before beginning treatment, allowing residual, microscopic
tumors to grow during this waiting period.

Dr. Chen has conducted research that supports the efficacy of radiation
treatment immediately after resection. Published in the Journal of
Neuro-Oncology, Chen’s study showed that patients with glioblastoma, the
most common form of primary brain cancer in adults who received
immediate postoperative radiation exhibited improved survival relative
to those who did not.

“I am pleased to be able to offer a more targeted radiation therapy to
my patients,” said Kathryn E. Dusenbery, M.D., head of the Department of
Radiation Oncology at the University of Minnesota Medical School. “With
GammaTile, we apply radiation therapy exactly where it is needed,
without harming surrounding tissue, and patients do not need to come
back for ongoing radiation treatments. In addition, this new targeted
approach may help reduce the burden of ongoing radiation treatment and
help my patients and their caregivers experience a better quality of

Additional data supporting the efficacy and safety profile of the
therapy for patients with recurrent, previously treated meningiomas were published
last month
in the Journal of Neurosurgery (JNS), the official
journal of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. Clinical
data from other types of tumors will be presented at the AANS Annual
Scientific Meeting in April.

“We are honored to be working with the brain tumor specialists at the
University of Minnesota – given the health system’s deep expertise and
leadership in brain tumor treatment and neurosurgery – to deploy
GammaTile Therapy for the purpose of improving the lives of patients
with brain tumors,” said Matt Likens, president and CEO of GT MedTech.
“We are excited to begin expanding the availability of GammaTile Therapy
to other leading brain tumor treatment centers across the U.S.”

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About GT Medical Technologies, Inc.

Driven to overcome the limitations of current treatments for recurrent
brain tumors and raise the standard of care, a team of brain tumor
specialists joined forces and formed GT Medical Technologies with a
purpose to prevent disease progression and improve quality of life for
patients with recurrent brain tumors. GammaTile Therapy received FDA
510(k) regulatory clearance for the treatment of all types of recurrent
brain tumors in July 2018 and has an established CMS code for Medicare
reimbursement. Extensive clinical expertise informed the design of
GammaTile Therapy, and deep medical device experience guides the
company. The company is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. For more
information, visit

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