snapIoT lands a top 10 pharma company, putting the power of the industry’s only self-service cloud-based, mClinical IoT solution in the patient’s hand

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 10, 2019 / SnapIoT, the fastest-growing Platform as a Service provider of mobile-connected self-service platform solutions for digital and mobile clinical trials, announced today, that their mClinical platform, snapClinical™, is being adopted by a top ten pharma company. Additionally, snapIoT is gaining industry recognition and adoption for their revolutionary IoT approach to servicing the needs of clinical trials. snapIoT accelerates clinical trials up to 10X and reduces cost by up to 5X compared to traditional solutions available in the market today.

As a completely self-service-based IoT solution, snapIoT provides all the tools needed to build, design, develop, deploy, and manage any of the following module combinations: eQualification, eConsent, ePRO/eCOA, medication adherence, patient reminders, scheduling, and Telemedicine. With snapIoT, a CRO or Sponsor can quickly simulate eConsent, ePRO/eCOA and patient reminders, end-to-end, before officially launching their clinical trial using snapIoT’s “drag” and “snap” visual builder.

“Current solutions in the market can take several months to deploy a clinical trial, depending on complexity,” said Willie Muehlhausen, Digital Innovator and former Vice Director of the ePRO Consortium. “Efficient utilization of standard instrument library and BYOD concepts within a self-service eClinical technology platform enable expedited setup timelines. Trained CRO and Sponsor staff can use the snapClinical™ platform and deploy projects in weeks across a number of trials.”

Industry experts have been impressed by the “drag” and “snap” functionality that the snapClinical platform provides. Many have noted that they are confident their existing data science teams can easily manage the user interface because of its simple, and intuitive design. They have also been encouraged with the speed of delivery, especially since ePRO delivery delays have always been a massive pain point within clinical trials. Now with snapIoT, the user acceptance testing (UAT) can be accomplished real-time- maximizing control and minimizing errors and UAT failures to achieve important eConsent and ePRO delivery milestones.

The snapClinical platform is compatible with any smart device including iPhone, Android, and web-browsing devices as well as any cloud EDC platform. It also seamlessly integrates medical devices and wearables without any additional programming. Everything is done within the snapClinical “drag” and “snap” visual builder. When it comes to scaling, the snapClinical platform can scale from 10s to 100s of clinical trials worldwide with no need for software coding, programming, or additional staff.

“The snapIot engineering team evolved from Qualcomm, the leading technology company in the digital revolution of mobile devices and applications. We have invested seven years in the development and deployment of our unique technology. Our primary mission is to support self-service eConsent, ePRO/eCOA, medication adherence, and patient reminders,” said snapIoT CEO, Isaac Eteminan. “Now, CROs and pharmaceutical companies can take control of their timelines and utilize their own internal teams to develop patient-centric IoT solutions. Self-service for eConsent and ePRO is not a thing of the future it is here, and now.”

Additionally, whenever protocol process changes are needed, they are dynamically updated without the need to rebuild or redeploy. The snapIoT platform is completely secure, HIPAA compliant, GDPR compliant, and compliant with FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11, and Annex 11 Certifications.

About snapIOT

Based in San Diego, California, with offices in Europe, snapIoT is the fastest-growing Platform as a Service provider of mobile-connected self-service platform solutions for clinical trials. SnapIoT’s senior leadership comes from the chipset division of Qualcomm where they specialized in Core Embedded IP/LTE Multimedia Systems. They have delivered projects across many patient populations around the globe. Building on this experience, snapIoT has designed and implemented self-service mClinical IoT solutions for CROs and pharmaceutical companies. For more information and to request a free user experience, visit

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