INFUSION 51a: ESG Impact Investment Fund Focused On Cancer Expanse Capital Raise

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / November 12, 2019 / Infusion 51a, an impact investment fund, focusing on bio-pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, announced today, the capital raise will be extended to up to $20 million in new capital contributions by accredited investors, family offices and institutions. Jeff Stephens, Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner, stated, “Overall we are pleased with our initial launch and with the progress of our portfolio companies. The additional capital will anchor our current positions in addition to supporting the strategic acquisition of new enterprises to augment our impact in the field”.

Sean Phillips, Director of Investor Relations, recently opened Infusion’s Dallas based office. “Assembling our capital expansion group is paramount to the impact our Fund will have and is implicit to the strategy of our Fund. It is necessary to increase our capital, and equally as important to help our portfolio companies capitalize on sound terms. Many companies fail due to an inability to attract quality capital. That is my role and purpose here,” Mr. Phillips stated. When asked why someone should invest with Infusion, Mr. Phillips stated, “We treat our investors like family. We are all aiming to impact the world. We all have a common interest and it is my job to move the Fund forward, while protecting the interest of our investors”.

Infusion’s current portfolio includes a company developing therapies for rare, difficult to treat cancers, and a precision-based technology, developed at the National Institute of Health, which helps identify which therapeutic drug will be effective in a cancer patient.

Upcoming plans are to start a registration clinical trial and to commercialize the precision-based asset, validated in breast cancer and utilized by multiple biotech companies. These efforts are being led by experienced teams with over 40 drug approvals through the FDA and who have garnered multi-billion dollars in revenue and market-caps.

If you would like more information on Infusion 51a, please visit our website:, and email Sean Phillips at: or call 773.679.8603.

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