Mars Chain – shaping the future of privacy, digital transactions and wealth management

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 13, 2019 / Mars Chain held its global launch event at Swissotel The Stamford, Singapore on 13th November 2019. The launch aims to unveil the latest development of Mars Chain and to capture the broad interest of the public towards the thriving blockchain industry. Mars Blockchain being the main organiser for this launch event, envisioned this as a significant milestone toward transforming our traditional archaic industries into a global digital economy, where privacy is always kept within the control of individuals.

Ms Sofia, CEO of Mars Blockchain Pte Ltd and Head of Foundation for Mars Chain kicked off the event by giving a welcome speech. In addition, some other distinguished representatives from the finance industry, industry leaders, investors, partners as well as representatives from Mars subsidiary, Star Media, an evergreen blockchain media platform, were present at the scene to witness the launch. The event turned into a lively networking session as people began to mingle with the crowd. Some of the commonly discussed topics include adoption of blockchain, future direction of cryptocurrency and development progress of Mars Chain.

Mr. David Shin, advisor of Mars Chain, gave an insightful speech with regards to the blockchain space. “As the world moves from traditional to digital assets and greater wealth accumulation occurs, there will be a need for discretionary wealth management. Private banking as a service on a blockchain that can support the needs of the high-net-worth individuals will increasingly be in demand in the near future. With that, Mars Chain is positioned to be the global leader in allowing for discreet management of the digital wealth, offering a way to ensure privacy to the affluent looking for more efficient ways to manage their digital assets.” He highlighted a significant value that Mars Chain will be bringing to the banking industry.

Today, in the age of internet, information can be easily accessible regardless of where you are located. Businesses and marketplaces can procure information efficiently, leading to a rapid growth in the development of the digital economy. Blockchain being the next generation of technological development was developed to address the flaws that lie with the traditional industry, “centralization” and “security” issues.

Centralization that will lead to monopolization, and security breaches that result in privacy being compromised. These inherent problems are constantly being raised and broadcasted on news every now and then but there has not been a viable solution to eliminate these issues completely. Along with the growth of the internet, privacy invasion and security breaches have become a rising concern for all entities. Hackers can easily find loopholes within and around centralized networks to gain illegal access to account information, private data, transaction or any personal information that they can get.

Although blockchain may seem to be a valid solution to such problems, there are still issues that occur on most major blockchain networks that compromises an individual’s privacy and security. This happens when hackers or bad actors are able to identify transaction records which uncover links to the owner’s digital wallet address and subsequently access to the owner’s funds. This leaves all account and transaction information of the owner’s wallet exposed and readable.

Mars Chain is committed to tackle these serious problems related to internet privacy, digital asset storage and trading as well as individual anonymity. The team has spent many years researching and developing to create a secure and private network that can bring substantial value to the ecosystem. The chain was developed with an aim to promote a decentralised environment where users can come onboard to use the network and at the same time be able to remain anonymous.

The development of the blockchain technology will continue to reduce the reliance on central parties and create a more efficient, credible and safer exchange of value and information among parties. Mars Chain’s vision is to reshape the future value of Internet and privacy with distributed blockchain technology while creating an ecosystem of trusted data connectivity. Through expansion and on-going development on the underlying blockchain technology, Mars Chain targets to be widely used in various fields to build a global network system.

Mars Chain’s global launch in Singapore has come to an end with enthusiasm from attendees all over the world. The success of the event endorses the important milestone of Mars Chain.

Humility is key to success. “Mars Chain will continue to improve its core technology, promote the application of blockchain technology, and contribute to the creation of a more trustworthy community.” Said Ms Sofia, Head of Mars Chain Foundation.

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