ALEC Conference: Human Rights Group Pitches Lawmakers to Prevent Violent Extremism (PVE)

Group Plans to Work with State and Local Legislators in Communities Impacted by Mass Shootings, Terrorism and Hate Crimes

SCOTTSDALE, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / December 3, 2019 / This Wednesday, leaders with the human rights organization, Clarion Project, will present its program Preventing Violent Extremism to state and local legislators at the annual American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) conference in Scottsdale. Shireen Qudosi, co-Director of the program and a prominent Muslim Reformer will also speak on the National Security Panel.

After presentations to Congress, the State Department and the DHS, the PVE training has gained significant traction lately as experts see it as a way to combat the rise of hate crimes and reduce the threat of homegrown terrorism like 2013’s Boston Marathon Bombing or the Charleston church shooting.

“We are extremely grateful to ALEC for this wonderful opportunity to work with local legislators to prevent violent extremism,” said Qudosi. “Every parent, every educator, and community leader deserve preparation, and every child deserves to be protected.”

Clarion plans to work with local legislators to bring PVE back to their communities where local officials, schools, and law enforcement can train leaders in identifying and addressing risk factors. Clarion Project also provides schools a series of workshops that offer a positive counter-message for youth against the lure of extremist ideologies.

The training follows a three-stage strategy:

∙ Understanding how radicalization and recruitment processes work.

∙ Identifying the vulnerabilities in a child that could potentially draw him or her toward extremism.

∙ Presenting a lecture series on PVE that puts academic and field research right into the hands of the communities most impacted and at risk.

The effort also features a 90 second PSA featuring the heartbreaking story of Christianne Boudreau, whose son was recruited online by radical Islamist extremists, ran away, and later died fighting in Syria with ISIS.


SOURCE: Clarion Project


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