Zencanna.io Launches Modern Point of Sale and Distribution Modules Which Automates Compliance, Tax Calculations and Tax FIling

Zenwork, Inc. joins the flourishing Cannabis Industry with a Complete Compliance Solution

FAYETTEVILLE, AR / ACCESSWIRE / December 9, 2019 /  Zenwork Inc. announces the launch of ZenCanna – a fresh, new software platform that provides Cannabis Compliance and Tax Automation for cannabis operators. ZenCanna offers solutions for Dispensaries, Distributors, Wholesalers, Processors, and Cultivators looking for tools to ensure business growth and development.

“With the industry set to reach $5 trillion on a global scale and disrupt many markets such as pharmaceuticals and alcohol, it made sense for us to put our years of understanding in building compliance software towards breaking into the cannabis industry,” said Sanjeev Singh, founder, and CEO of Zenwork. “We saw a hole in the high-risk cannabis industry and knew that we had the specialized skills and experience to solve this problem.”

ZenCanna acts as a one-stop-shop for cannabis operators to streamline sales, marketing, and operations. ZenCanna stands apart from the crowd in the Seed-to-Sale Tracking community because they cater to all cannabis operators types with portals and features unique to each operators’ needs.

ZenCanna not only serves all cannabis operator types, but it also provides automated tax calculations with real-time tax rates as well as automated tax e-Filing and remittance.

“There is no other tool on the market that helps cannabis retail, dispensary, and distributor operators automate their tax calculation and filing process,” said April Rae Mallord, Business Development Director at Zenwork. “This gives us a distinct advantage in allowing us to provide our customers with a complete compliance tool as well as partner with many established cannabis players.”

ZenCanna has a full suite of features for each user type and has many integrations to ensure seamless user experience. Current integrations include Quickbooks, Xero, Metrc, Leaf Data Systems, and mPop hardware. Integrations being rolled out soon include Hypur, Springbig, OnFleet, Tookan, and Leafly.

Key features of ZenCanna portals:

Dispensaries and Retailers:

  • Dispensary needs are supported through sleek Point-of-Sale systems. They grant the ability to add products to customer carts, access visitor information, scan barcodes, track sales and payments, and more.

  • ZenCanna maintains compliance through Patient and Physician Verification. The automated visitor management tools allow store clerks to verify new and existing patients and physicians.

  • Purchase Order Management needs are fulfilled through the production of real-time inventory status, vendor information, and purchase order issuance. Employees are also able to automate vendor payment and track shipments.

  • The all-inclusive Customer Loyalty Program promotes customer loyalty, discounts, and communication with customers through chat, email, and text.

  • Most importantly, they supply Tax Automation and Calculations.

  • In addition, ZenCanna equips businesses with Patient and Staff Scheduling, Product Delivery and bank-grade Data Security.

Distributors, Wholesalers, and Processors:

  • For distributors, ZenCanna provides Compliance Reporting and Tax Calculation and Automation to safeguard business procedures.

  • Distributors can also access Purchase Order and Management Automation mechanisms in their portal.

  • They benefit from Lab Testing equipment that assesses products for THC percentages.

  • Last, businesses can control Delivery Routes, Label Creation, Invoice Creation, Vendor Management, and much more.


  • Coming soon, ZenCanna will offer Seed-to-Sale Tracking to meet the demands of Cultivators!

“We plan to work closely with our cannabis operator users to ensure we are giving them all the features they need to succeed and stay compliant with the ever-changing laws and landscape of the cannabis industry,” said Ed Pratt, COO of Zenwork.

ZenCanna is officially available for use. Quotes will vary based on location, number of point-of-sale systems, users, and features. For additional information, visit zencanna.io, or email their team at info@zencanna.io.

About Zenwork: Zenwork has specialized in digital tax and compliance solutions for more than 10 years. They have 7 different compliance platforms, including their flagship product, Tax1099. Tax1099 is a cloud-based e-filing system that has over 150,000 users, and it integrates with QuickBooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Bill.com, Xero, Zoho, and other systems


April Rae Mallord
Zenwork, Inc.

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Zenwork, Inc.


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