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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 14, 2020 / Just like any other rags to riches stories that we read in magazines, internet, and newspapers or usually hear from our friends and neighbors, Craig Davis’s remarkable life story and business journey is one that will truly inspire and educate any young entrepreneurs and big dreamers out there.

The road to success won’t always be smooth, but thanks to this successful entrepreneur’s life’s testimony, anyone can now attest that there is hope for every tear and sweat we shed.

Craig Davis story did not start with having a huge inheritance from his parents or winning a lottery. It all started with just a dream – a dream that turned into a reality!

Shortly after college, he painlessly worked hard at a local hometown restaurant, and after months of contemplating on his job and career, his dream of becoming a 6 figure entrepreneur finally hit him.

It was hard for him to start everything from scratch, considering that he is also a husband and a father But what makes him now the owner of a multi-million dollar telecommunications company named Fastwave Communications is his perseverance and dedication. With his knowledge, connections, character and expertise, he used these as stepping stones to fulfill the dream he’d always wanted. Truly, it proves to many of us that there is no shortcut to success! There has to be a series of ups and downs, trials and triumphs, sweats and pain first, in order to see the glory at the end of the tunnel.

But just like any of us, Craig Davis is a simple man who just knows his craft. When not busy, you find him spending quality time with his loved ones. Other days, he plays softball or record music. He is just like any of us who displays the same zeal and passion to everything we do.

Over the years, Craig Davis has served has an inspiration to the youth. In fact, he works not only as a businessman, but is also considered as an activator, a good communicator, a motivational speaker, and a liaison to everyone!

If you are a teenager or someone who is still at the brink of success, know that he is a good leader to follow!

Craig Davis is also a good business leader! He is indeed a leader in the telecommunications Industry, but he also never fails to educate and motivate his subordinates. The reason why his business continues to flourish is because of his dedicated workers. With his life’s story and leadership skills, he leads others to their own success. That is why working at his company is always considered worthwhile.

His company Fastwave Communications is now considered as one of the leading telecommunications companies in the country. He continues to spearhead his company for growth and success. If it weren’t for his selfless efforts and strong desire for success, his business would not have been awarded by the “Best of Atlanta” Awards for being the best small business in the Telecommunications Industry in 2019.

You may have wondered why their business catapulted into greater heights, the answer lies in their extraordinary men. Other businesses may offer the same type of services for the same price, but nothing beats the hard working professional men at Fast Wave Communications! They simply embody fast, quality, and timely services, which what most people are looking for today. As what their motto goes to say, “”FIRST IN QUALITY AND INNOVATION, SECOND TO NONE.”

If there is something a customer can be proud of this company, that would be being a famous National level for quality of service on the latest installs of 5G Technology and currently operating in 7 states in the S.E.

With Fast Wave Communications, you can be sure that all works will be handled and spearheaded by experienced certified engineers who are skilled, competitive, and excellent in their field. They just don’t want to provide services, they also want to be the world’s leading wireless network providers in the Telecommunications, Wireless, Entertainment Management Industries, and many more! Over the years, it has already helped countless Musicians, Models, Creatives, and Producers. You too, can be part of the family!

Some of the services that Fast Wave Communications offer are Wireless Construction, Cell Site design, New Site Builds, Construction Management, Network Systems Integration, Project Management, and a lot more! Whether or not you run a startup company, our company is here to help you out! Visit us at for more info or email

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