Ken Conklin Is Bringing Light To The U.S College Debt Crisis

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 13, 2020 / $1.6 trillion in U.S. student loan debt has made it clear to this entrepreneur that it’s time for a change.

One out of every six adults have a student loan balance of over thirty-four thousand dollars, and with college tuition continuing to rise, there’s no doubt about whether or not the average college graduate’s student loan balance will increase alongside it.

While many people have become aware of the current state that the United States is in regarding it’s outrageously high student loan balance, most people don’t have any idea on how to fix the issue.

Entrepreneur Ken Conklin has been quite vocal about his stance on this topic, and believes entrepreneurship can begin solving this problem.

“Most people simply go to college because they are told that’s what will allow them to build a successful career, but that’s far from the truth,” Ken told us. “If someone has complete certainty that they will be in a career involving engineering, law, or medicine, then college is the correct path, but I believe that succeeding in almost every other industry does not require a degree. People need to focus on creating value and bringing it to the marketplace.”

Ken is a marketing consultant who helps businesses with their customer acquisition using online methods, and he uses his online platform on social media to speak on the topic of college quite often. Ken is convinced that entrepreneurship is a viable path for a much larger amount of people.

Ken recently announced his “End College Revolution” campaign which has already gained a lot of buzz online from various news outlets. He says his objective is to bring awareness to how broken the current educational system is, and create true change by shifting the societal norm of just going to college because it is what has been the tradition for so long.

Ken states that he in onto something, and that this year will be a massive awakening for many once they hear what he has to say.

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