Kingsley Okpechi is Making Waves in the Management Consulting Industry

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / January 13, 2020 / Humility and accomplishment usually don’t go together, but for business analyst consultant Kingsley Chigozie Okpechi, they’re two words that embody his essence. He’s also a man of great tenacity and mental fortitude who is always looking for the next challenge to grow and learn from. He’s a perennial student, who’s a master in disguise who will never be satisfied. It’s all these qualities and more that make Okpechi truly, a force to be reckoned with.

He discovered his passion in consulting around the time he decided not to pursue his doctorate studies in the U.K. Instead of seeing his lack of research funding or sponsorship as an obstacle and an end, he took it as an opportunity, grew from it and made it the start of his journey. It was from there that he migrated to Canada, originally from Lagos, Nigeria. Okpechi gives credit to his experience as an immigrant for his success. Being alone in a new country helped him learn the ability to build trust, value others, find like-minds, and value true friendship no matter one’s race or creed. It gave him the ability to know himself and others, well. When asked to look back on the last few months and everything he’s gone through he comments, “I get this feeling that nothing is impossible and the sky is only a stepping stone for me”.

It’s this boundless work ethic that earned him a place as one of the best graduating students at Middlesex University in London and numerous awards when working with Borderless Technologies Limited as a business analyst. However this success hasn’t changed him, because his principles for life haven’t changed either. He has a belief that the pursuit of success is a repetitive journey and that each individual can always improve. Never satisfied, he’s a man who refuses to rest on his laurels and it’s this that allows him to have a keen eye to spot opportunity and room for improvement that makes him such a great consultant and analyst.

Kingsley is also one who marches to the beat of his own drum. Refusing to abide to social or industrial norms, he trades quick flashes in the pan for long-term success, delivered sustainably and with efficient, topnotch service. It’s his belief in himself and his truth that allows him to dismiss desires of conformity and find his own path that has earned him the goodwill and patronage that he’s acquired.

It’s these qualities, of realizing life’s ups and downs, but having the fortitude to weather it’s unpredictability and stay grounded is what makes Okpechi special. It allows him to know himself, others and the situation he’s in, a valuable skill for an analyst and a speaker. He believes that with enough hard word, focus, and willingness to take responsibility and criticism, “impossible is nothing and the sky is the only stepping-stone”. If any of this sounds like qualities you need, Kingsley might just be the man for the job.

Kingsley is now accepting new consulting clients, if you’ve ever wanted to work with him in any capacity now is the time. You may reach out to him directly through his website here:

Avi Grondin
Variance Marketing Inc.
(647) 709-5026

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