Building Family Memories on a Private Yacht That Will Last a Lifetime-Fractional Yacht Ownership

WEST PALM BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / January  9, 2020 / There is no better way to build incredible family memories than on board a private yacht. Private yachting is something that you and your family members will love and enjoy. It will be an experience to be talked about for years to come. Moreover, you don’t have to solely own a yacht to enjoy this. Buying a yacht on your own can run to a lot of money. But you can opt for a yacht share, where you own a yacht for a lifetime with other individuals.

Andrea Zecevic explains “Of course, yacht charter is an option. However, if you take your family to vacations for more than a few times during the year, then having your own personal boat can be a better option. Not only do you pay a fraction of the purchase price of the yacht in a yacht share, but also any additional expenses are shared equally with co-owners. This will surely help in keeping yacht expenses down”.

Why private yacht?

For starters, on a private yacht, you can have a change of scene. If your family normally went to campgrounds, beaches or amusement parks for vacation, it will be a whole new experience this time around. You can go snorkeling, and stop over at some local dockside restaurants. You get to customize your own itinerary – Caribbean, Mediterranean, etc. Your kids will definitely love this, and it will be an experience they will never forget.

There is no limit to the number of activities you and your family can participate in on a private yacht. You will have privacy, without any interference from anyone. Your crew will be there of course, but they will stay out of the way, knowing fully well it’s family time together. Besides off board water activities like swimming or diving, your family can also spend time on board watching movies or dancing the night away.

One great thing about private yachting with your family is that it gives everyone the opportunity to relax, enjoy each other’s presence, and relish the gorgeous scenery. No one likes to go on a family vacation, and then come back to say their kids were stuck with their phones or other electronic gadgets all through. On a private yacht, everybody will be having fun, and enjoying themselves and will hardly get distracted.

If you want your family members to see the world without any interruption, then a private yacht family vacation is the way to go. Some private yachts come with high-tech amenities, so there is never a dull moment. You can even anchor on a secluded beach for a little adventure – play fun games. The crew can even join the fun when necessary.

You can build fond family memories that will last a life time on a private yacht, without all the hassles that comes with owning a yacht. In a fractional ownership program, like the one offered by, the management company takes care of everything for you – no worries about cleaning and maintenance. You simply get on board with your family anytime and sail away.


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