Kishmel Eager: A Name Synonymous with Establishing Outstanding Instagram Presence & Engagement for Entrepreneurs and Brands

ORLANDO, FL / ACCESSWIRE / July 6, 2020 / “Growing an instagram account is not just about the numbers and number of followers, it’s more about building a brand, community and loyal following that you can ultimately monetize,” says Kishmel.

In the well- knit highly competitive social media world, when entrepreneurs and brands clamour for attention and seek ways and means to reach out through the clutter, to their target audience, Kishmel Eager emerges as a go-to person.

The Founder of Entry Points Media Kishmel has helped establish Instagram success and credibility for many entrepreneurs and businesses. His well – planned effective strategy comprises content creation, getting leads /prospects and scaling up his client’s presence on their Instagram pages. His expertise is the outcome of a careful study of Instagram’s algoritm, the method of enagement and what is accepted as successful content creation. He is adept at networking with popular pages and building a huge following on Instagram.

He strongly recommends influencer marketing as a tried and tested very effective way of growing the following and engagement for any business. However, core values, passion and consistency should rest at the heart of all promotions.

In a short span of two years Kishmel has achieved remarkable success. Commenting on one of his noteworthy achievements he said he had worked with a 8 figure network marketer and facilitated 100K+ followers for his page organically in a record time of less than 6 weeks. This gave his client phenomenal success in establishing brand credibility and directing huge traffic to his website, generating a huge volume of leads which ultimately led to excellent sales and ROI.

  • He is very thankful for the loyal and dedicated client base that he has and the high client retention he enjoys because of the faith and trust that they repose in him. He is quick to add though that all these didn’t come easily to him, he has worked hard to achieve this and his tips to those who want to take up his profession are:

  • Take time to learn about your niche and instagram’s algorithm.

  • Adopt an organic approach and do not use bots, spams, automations or fake followers / accounts.

  • Learn “influencer marketing” to scale and explode accounts quickly.

  • Network regularly and consistently, especially with the popular/famous pages in your niche.

  • Be patient and consistent.

  • Do not be afraid to ask for help.

  • Do not expect overnight success. Allow at least 6 – 8 months for the results of your efforts to take shape.

As for the type of businesses he can work with, his expertise can help B2B Businesses, entrepreneurs, online businesses, e commerce brands and influencers who are keen to grow their follower base and engagement.

In conclusion, Kishmel recommends the skills one should possess for this particular profession which include: constant innovation, never offering free trial services because that downgrades your confidence in your ability to acquire customers and finally keeping a small yet strong and loyal customer base.

Today when social media success has become an indispensable part for entrepreneurs and businesses, getting the right talent and expert to put you on the fast track of success becomes imperative and that is where brilliant experts like Kishmel Eager can step in!

Kishmel Eager

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