IBD Launches Financial Literacy Program for Students and Young Adults

Educational initiative is designed to empower a new generation to learn, save and grow on the path to financial freedom

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Investor’s Business Daily (IBD), a leading financial news and research organization, today announced that it’s launching an educational program called IBD Moneyworks. True to IBD’s vision of inspiring and empowering financial freedom, Moneyworks aims to reach and educate high school and college students early so that they can start their financial lives with the tools they need to be successful. Moneyworks content and materials will be made available to schools and educational organizations at no charge.

“Students are the investors of tomorrow, and the financial education they receive in school—if they receive any at all—can be uneven and incomplete. This does young people a tremendous disservice,” said Jerry Ferrara, President of IBD. “It’s easy for young people to get burdened with credit card debt and student loans. The result is a younger generation facing significant financial deficits that place them at a disadvantage just as they’re starting out on their own. IBD wants to provide the education necessary to overcome these obstacles and start on a path to a better future.”

What makes Moneyworks different from other financial education is the scope and presentation. The program isn’t trying to cover everything like a textbook, but instead presents the most important factors of financial literacy in snackable ways that are engaging and dynamic. Moneyworks sets up students for success by distilling large and complex topics down to the key points that matter most.

Presented as a free program in order to educate as many young people as possible, Moneyworks encompasses three educational tracks:

  • Personal Finance: This track covers the basics of money, debt and saving. Topics include credit cards, loans, housing, bills, credit scores and balancing a budget. It is geared toward high schoolers, college students or anyone looking to improve their bottom line.
  • How to Start Investing: This track dives into the basics of what students need to know to start growing their money. Topics include 401(k)s, IRAs, how to get involved in the stock market and how to choose a broker to start trading. The track is geared toward college students and young adults who want to get a jumpstart on their financial lives.
  • Growth Investing: The Growth Investing track includes more in-depth education on investing that anyone can use to create and grow a strong portfolio. Topics include growth vs. value investing, how to evaluate stocks and how to time the market for maximum returns. It was designed for more advanced college students with an interest in finance and investing.

These tracks remove the guesswork from financial matters through quality, data-driven information delivered in a manner to which students can understand and relate. The programs meet them where they are, offering them time-tested, unbiased guidance in the form of in-person and virtual events, with an interactive learning portal and online videos in the works.

IBD is uniquely poised to offer its compelling Moneyworks program based on its commitment to innovation for the purpose of investment education. Throughout its storied 36-year history, IBD has evolved from a well-respected financial newspaper into a digital-first fintech innovator. It has developed a large portfolio of products, including interactive stock research platforms, podcasts, an OTT app, online courses, a monthly show in partnership with Nasdaq and one of the most-followed social media presences of any company in the online investing space. Through these channels and its award-winning product suite, IBD has helped millions of people, of all ages and experience levels, invest better.

IBD has also extended its support to others by partnering with Young Investors Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to giving high school students the opportunity to learn fundamental, long-term investing in an exciting and interactive way. The partnership originated to assist the Global Stock Pitch Championship, Young Investors Society’s annual flagship event. In addition to sponsoring prizes for the winning students, IBD experts served as judges for the competition.

To learn more about the Moneyworks program and IBD’s efforts to democratize investing, please visit moneyworks.investors.com.

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